Sunday, November 25, 2007

Connecting anyway we can

My 9 year old niece lives in the Midwest. I only get to see her once a year, maybe. She is at the point where she reads and writes and wants a myspace page. Good thing my brother and sister-in-law are smart enough to not let her get a myspace page. She does play on the computer though and when I was visiting, I showed her where you go and make little animated dolls that look like you or whatever you want it to look like. I gave her my account info so every couple of days I can go in and she can go in and update the little doll. We spent hours changing the little girl around while I was visiting. Every couple of days I get little surprises like this one:

That's the one she made me for Thanksgiving. It made me cry because I really miss my family around the holidays and esp since they aren't around to witness all the changes around me.

Then I started thinking ... maybe I should do some movies or start posting photos (as much as I hate the way I look in photos). That way my family could not only read but see what's going on.

Fun, huh?

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Deby said...

I am a transplant from San Diego and I miss my family terribly. I love YouTube and I am able to keep my family down there entertained with little videos of my brood. I also get to keep up with my nieces' condo remodel in San Francisco. It is a cool thing.

My daughter likes Check it out!