Sunday, November 4, 2007

We have a heartbeat

I had an ultrasound to determine the due date and we were spot on though I really was beginning to think we conceived in August but no, it was September. My husband met me at work (I work in a medical center) for the ultrasound and it was the most amazing 20 mins of this year (that is compared to finding out I was pregnant and the Wilco concert in August). I had a regular ultrasound and a vaginal one and got to see the little heart fluttering around at 170 bpm.
I will say that it has calmed my worries a bit but I still worry. I've been feeling sick off and on. One day I'm great, the next I can't tolerate food. I am noticing my taste is changing because I love sweets and now they taste too sweet. Today I started wearing a bella band. My jeans are really tight! I'm running out of pants to wear to work. Yikes! Hope the boss doesn't mind?

My husband was really sweet during the ultrasound. You could tell he was really proud of his little bean floating around.

Off to take a nap! I'm tired.

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