Thursday, November 29, 2007

12 weeks

And here we are at 12 weeks. What a day. But what got me through the day was the fact I was going to hear Lil Berger's heartbeat. And we did hear it and it was amazing. All the emotions that I was holding in all day just flooded out. My doctor seemed used to the crying but the second we heard the whoosh, the tears came rushing. After that, it was back to work where I gushed to everyone.

The appointment went pretty fast. She just checked everything and boy does a pap smear hurt when you're pregnant. Yikes.

I'm too tired to write anyone. I think I need a day at the spa. Don't you?


Deby said...

Absolutely. Pamper yourself while you can. After the baby arrives, you will find that you pamper the little one and forget all about you.

I'm so glad you got to hear the heartbeat today. It is a little miracle.

Alissa Maxwell said...

Hooray! That heartbeat is so reassuring until you can start feeling the baby move yourself. I told Scott that all I want for xmas is a trip to the spa, so get there while you can.