Saturday, May 3, 2008

41 days

I just went to lunch with my girlfriend Diana. We were supposed to go walk the dog but Red Robin sounded better. Her 2 year old is SO cute that I can't wait until Lil Ben is two.

So, my eating is started to get limited and I don't have to eat as much because I'm running out of room. All of a sudden, salads sound good and that's about it. I'm finally feeling the urge to eat vegetable again.

This morning I watched my belly for an hour. It seems like he likes to stretch alot in the morning and at night though kicking me in the ribs isn't too fun.


Live on the Fly said...

Sounds like he's going to be all boy - very active. We can't wait to meet the little prince!

Amanda said...

Ooh the baby stretching - you brought it all back to me! To me that was one of the oddest sensations of feeling Lucy move.