Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Good, bad, ugly

eating salads

craving coconut creme pie

eating fajitas, chips and salsa and then realizing that "oh wait, I have less stomach room" after the second fajita. Sleep didn't go well last night.

I'm running out of stomach space and my cravings now are for lighter varieties of food like half a sandwich or a salad though today for lunch I had a beef hot dog, salad and cookie (the St. Charles cafeteria has the best cookies EVER).

Things to do:
* Brian is going to Entrees Made Easy to make meals this weekend. He is in charge of cooking once baby comes. This is scary and something I need to let go because I am the chef of the house.
* Clean the house. I'm thinking of getting a deep clean by a housekeeper that was referred to me.
* Finish the baby room. I still need to put stuff on the walls and Brian is going to make a video so friends and family across the country can see, esp my dad in Alaska.
* Get week by week marketing work plan done at work for my temp replacement.
* Pack bag
* Buy nursing shirts
* Find baby gowns and BPA free baby bottles
* Make call list for Brian (I did send Joey the list of ppl to email)
* Get someone to update blog when I have the baby (Jen, you up for this?)
* Finish painting our bedroom (It's half done)
* Print up baby announcement labels
* Send thank you notes (I have the last of 7 to send)

Ok, I think that is it for now. I'm tired and need to sleep.


Jen said...

Sure! :)

Deby said...

You are way organized! Good job at having the forethought to get all that other stuff done so you can just spend that time bonding with your little one.

I've heard great things about that Entrees Made Easy. Good call.

The Minkz said...

The Minkz will bring you over dinner to ensure you are not starving after the little dude arrives.

Little Things said...

Eat the damn pie. It'll be so worth it.

I'll join the Minkz in offering to bring y'all dinner after baby comes.