Saturday, May 10, 2008

Pre-registration at the hospital

On Thursday night, a very tired, swollen, grummpy, pregnant me and more tired Brian trudged to St. Charles Medical Center for our pre-registration. We weren't really looking forward to it but we thought we'd get a tour of the new Family Birthing Wing. WRONG. They show you a video which was shaky and poorly produced.

The pre-registration was more of an overview of the signs of labor, what happens during a vaginal birth and c-section along with a lot of signing your life away. They really push breastfeeding and talked about skin on skin contact alot. This is stuff you learn in lamaze.

Today I am cleaning. Nesting hasn't kicked in because I'm making myself clean. I'm thinking of hiring a lady to come in and deep clean but Brian isn't fond of that idea. My husband is installing a cat door so the cats can use their litter box which is moving to the garage. It will be nice to get our office closet back. Then Brian is going to organize the office which will become his new work space after he goes through training at his new job. It's the most embarrassing room in our house, I hate to say. When ppl come over, I shut the door.

Wow, this post was come of positive things! I'll try harder but all this practice for sleep deprivation is making me grumpy. At least my feet aren't swollen -- YET.


Debi S. said...

I've been following your preg. a little on BendBlogs. I'm a mom too and want to personally invite you to Stroller Strides / LUNA Moms Club of Bend after your bundle arrives. Shameless plug, I know, but if you want to meet some other great moms and get some great exercise - we'd love to have you join us. Feel free to check us (and me) out at and

All the best to you during your last few weeks!!!

Debi S.

Debi S. said...

Sorry I forgot - Of course - Happy Mother's Day!!!!