Sunday, May 18, 2008

Preeclampsia? Doubt it

I've felt great all weekend. I am now thinking that it was a total fluke my blood pressure was high at my doctors appt on Friday --just as my doctor suspected it was probably because I rushed over to my appointment. Swelling has been fine if I put my feet up and not stand on them too much. Baby has been squirming around and though it was 97 degrees yesterday, my house stayed pretty cool. The thing that is killing me is my allergies which I didn't developed until I moved to Bend. This year seems to be the worst!

I did some me shopping today -- I bought a nursing tank from Angel Kisses per a suggestion from Alissa. They didn't have black in my size but I went onto their website and they have other colors so I might order two more if I really like them in other colors. I also bought gaucho pants from Target because I love them and they are way more comfortable than the capri jeans and kahkis I have and will get me through the summer as I don't do shorts.

I did go to Carters and pick up sleeping gowns so we're set for 6 months for the "little dude" as that's his new nickname. Someone bought him an outfit that reminded us of the "Big Lebowski" so now we refer to baby as "little dude" or the other new one is Brian sings "Benjammin'" like the Bob Marley song "Jammin'" all the time.

I went to the Buffalo Ranch Farmer's Market with my friend Diana today. Brian was out there playing as their entertainment. The second Brian started playing, the baby started kicking like mad -- he knows the sound of daddy's guitar. I told Brian he better learn some lullabies but until then, we'll settle on Radiohead Lullabies. Too bad there isn't a Wilco lullaby cd out there.

I am ready for this baby to come. 26 days to come.


Keeneye said...

Holy moly. 3 weeks, and you'll be a mom!!! I know that I'm not as anxious as you are, but I'm pretty darned excited. :)

Alissa Maxwell said...

So glad you are feeling better. This post sounds so relaxed and READY for baby to show up. Hope your work week allows you to keep calm.

Deby said...

Man, the countdown continues. Try and keep those feet up and drink lots of water since it is so darn hot out there.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the Radiohead Rockabye Baby cd. I actually bought it for myself to help me sleep. The Bjork one is great too.