Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Random thoughts for week 35

* Swelling is now in full force. It's just not my feet retaining water but I'm retaining everywhere. You'd think drinking over 100 ounces of water would prevent that but no, it hasn't.

* What is healthy weight gain? 25-40 lbs according to my OB. I've gained 28 lbs. Some say I'm beautiful. Others are "concerned."

* This baby has it's lazy days like today. He didn't move one bit until I got home from work.

* My task list at work is looking smaller and smaller. My temp starts tomorrow. Yipppee. I have a ton of small busy projects to hand over.

* I locked my keys in the car today. Talk about a momnesia moment. How embarrassing?

* I wish I knew what day this baby was coming. Part of me wants to go early and other parts wishes he'd wait until his due date.

* Only 4 pairs of shoes fit. I think I'm going to go buy some Crocs. Where can I get those in Bend?

* It's going to be 90 degrees this weekend. Either I'm going to love it or be miserable.

Off to put my feet up.


mizinformation said...

quite a few places--according to their website: GI Joe's (yeah, I know, they dropped the "GI"), the Shoe Inn, The Birkenstock Store, Les Newman's, and The Central OR Clothing store. They also list Wild Oats, but I didn't notice them in there the last time I was there (since the Whole Foods takeover.) If they do have them though, there's the added bonus of being open at night.

mizinformation said...

oh, and I think REI has them too, or at least that's where Jeff got his.

Amanda said...

I got my crocs at Sportsmans Warehouse. I lived in those shoes when I was pregnant!!

Keeneye said...

Yes YES YES! Get Crocs. I love my ugly, holy shoes. will get them to you the day after you order them.

And for the record, I'm insanely jealous about how gorgeous you look while preggo. Your skin is like buttah, your hair is shiny like olive oil, and your smile is like a superstahz! I love you more now than ever, you hot momma!!!!

Little Things said...

REI definitely has them.