Thursday, May 1, 2008

Random 33 wks, 6 days thoughts

* went to the doctor today ... she says I'm measuring big. I asked "what do we do if I have a 10 lb baby?" She said "C-section." I don't like the sound of that. She also things that maybe I'm measuring big because of all the water I'm drinking.

* I've reached the "uncomfortable, I want to have this baby now" phase of my pregnancy. I have 43 days to go. I keep thinking I have 5 weeks left but really, I have 6 weeks. My feet are swollen. I can't sleep. Acid reflux is killing me (thank you medicine). Clothes are uncomfortable.

* I'm freaking about all the organization my husband needs to do. He's not too happy about it.

* Work is busy. I must say, prepping to be away for 12 weeks is easier than I thought. They are still looking for a temp.

Must get some rest.

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Jen said...

Relaxing is a good thing. :) I remember laying in a hammock and swimming (while wearing one of those exercise float belts) were two of my most favorite things around the 8-month mark.

You are welcome to crash in our hammock any time if you don't have one of our own.