Thursday, May 29, 2008

In our house we call this "milk coma"

Kickin back with Ben
Originally uploaded by Shanlee
Sorry for the quick updates but my baby will be one week old tomorrow. It's been an amazing, tiring, sometimes frustrating week but my husband and I make a good team and he overlooks the raging hormones. (yea, it's true, they rage over the dumbest thing)

I have amazing friends. They have really been helpful with house cleaning, meals and just advice. The lactation ppl really made me feel bad the other day and my doctor told me to ignore most of what they said. I have to take blood pressure medicine over the next week because the doctor thinks excess water is why it's so high. Woo hoo water weight! I have anxiety again. I haven't had that in a while so I'm working the Secret on everything these days, being positive.

Well, off to give my baby a milk coma. Anyone have advice on what is a good way to remember which side you nursed on? I always forget!


Live on the Fly said...

I love the milk coma look! So content. Congratulations on the first week. Isn't it amazing to think where you were a week ago? He's adorable!

Alissa Maxwell said...

Wear a bracelet and then move it to the other wrist after you nurse. I'll call you soon.

Alicia said...

Hey girl! Little Ben is so adorable! And I love the look of satisfaction on the face of a baby after nursing! As for remembering which side you are on, there are so many tricks. I just always left the latch of my nursing bra loose on the side I was to use next. That way it is was even quicker to get to when the baby wanted to nurse NOW! After a while, you may not even need reminders as one side will feel fuller than the other once you have a fully established milk supply. And don't let the lactation people make you feel bad! Don't listen to them! There is nothing you are doing wrong, trust your instincts, and rely on your friends for advice. As they won't make you feel bad, as they've been there before! :) Take care! Love,Alicia

Tiffany Brook said...

How about a smiley face sticker on your boob then he will have something fun to look at while he is eating. hehe cute picture!

Brenda said...

Sometimes just having a safety pin on the side last nursed on works (or something like a ponytail holder hooked on). Thanks for the updates! He's adorable!