Friday, May 9, 2008

Why we love mom

This morning I was at working getting a latte, a treat for me since I have been chugging water for weeks, and the gals behind the counter started laughing and giggling.

Me: What's so funny?
Them: You're just going to have to read the paper?
Me: Well, lately I haven't been able to read the paper so just tell me.
Them: OK

So they open the Bulletin and there is a message from baby:

Although I’m not born quite yet, I know my mom is a wonderful mom. She’s smart, funny and pretty. She loves and cares about me and cries when she sees me on the ultrasound. I know I’m a very lucky boy to have such a warm, loving, giving mom. — Benjamin, due to be born June 13, of Bend (submitted by family friend Joey)

Thank you, Joey. Now I can't stop crying.


Headlights said...

Wow!! What a special gift!!

Live on the Fly said...

Is Joey cool or what? And does she know how to get the waterworks going! That's so sweet.