Sunday, June 29, 2008

Healthy sleep rituals

Now that Ben is one month old, we're supposed to start healthy sleep rituals. When I mention this to my mom friends, some give me great ideas why others are like "rituals, ha, you don't need no stinkin' rituals." One constant is he is usually nursed and swaddled but that's usually the same for his naps. I think that bathing him is a pain, esp since he doesn't get dirty and we give him a bath three times a week anyway. If you have good ideas or think rituals are stupid, leave a comment.

For the most part, he's sleeping good 5 nights our of 7. Some nights, well, he is fussy and wants to sleep on mom but that is stopping because I can't sleep. Last night was the best night ever. He went 4 hours, then woke up every three. I didn't even wake Brian up to help me so he got a good night of sleep.. As soon as he was swaddled, Ben was out. I pray this continues.

When is this kid going to stop eating every two hours during the day? I can't get things done like my house cleaned for our in-law visit in a few days.


Tiffany said...

I think that is so sweet that you think you are going to clean your house. Not gonna happen. That's ok you have better things to do! Mar was sleeping 8 hours at 8 weeks. Ask Donnie how he did it? Ava was the same. He is like the baby whisperer. A routine is a good thing!!! Keep the pix coming I love looking at that little doll of yours!

Jen F said...

Seems like you are paying attention to what he likes and dislikes and going with your gut. That's a sign of a good mom! I could give you lots of tips based on my experiences with my kids but both of them were unique, just like Little B!

So I guess my best advice is to keep listening to your little guy and keep up the good work. :-)

scott said...

This is Alissa:
Sleep rituals were a godsend for us. Owen's was bath - nurse - rock with dad - swaddle. We still stick pretty close to that, but I think it's more for our benefit than his. I'm with Jen - go with your gut and do what helps him sleep best.