Monday, June 23, 2008

Weekly goals

I realized last week that Ben and I need goals. For example, yesterday, we stayed in the house all day. By the time my husband got home from a previous engagement, I was going crazy all couped up on a nice day. I should have went for the walk. I have two really good front carriers but fear is keeping me from doing this. Then I realized, I need to make a list of things I need to accomplish to try to feel like I'm a human again instead of the milk factory (I love being the milk factory but sometimes, there is more in life). So here goes my goals for this week.

* get out with the baby at least once a day. We are not trapped and he's easy to transport.
* walk 4 times a week with baby and dog because I need to excercise and Charlie is feeling a little neglected.
* pump once a day. Milk production is in overdrive -- I won't say much more than that plus I need to start banking it for the daycare lady.
* ask for help. This mainly applies to my husband. I need help around the house big time and instead of playing his guitar, he could help me out by spending 5 mins doing something else while I nurse.
* do yard work once a week.
* get a pedicure. My feet look horrible.
* find a babysitter and make a date with my husband. (I have no idea who but I have to find someone)
* Think positive thoughts. Ben is a happy baby. Ben is a happy baby. I am a good mother. You get the picture.
* Have more patience.

I think that is enough.

On a positive note, I got Ben to sleep in the crib finally by myself. My husband has mastered this technique and today, I successfully figured out the trip. It takes a good swaddle and some good rocking to get the kid into a deep sleep.

All in all, I feel more confident than I did 31 days ago. Progress!


The Real Mother Hen said...

Came here through Bend Blog and like your goals and postive attitude.

If you are feeling down, talk with real life friends or blogging friends, it does help.

Live on the Fly Studio said...

All great goals. Yeah, it's easy to forget there is a world out there when you have one thing in mind: baby! btw - my daughter babysits (she's 18, has her own car, is very sweet and does babies).

Alissa Maxwell said...

Great goals. I used to create a weekly chart on the counter, so I could check things off the list. My list even included:
Shower each day
Eat 3 meals each day
Do 1 household chore each day

Hmmm... maybe I need to reinstate the chart.