Friday, June 20, 2008

Thank goodness for the swaddle

Benjamin is 4 weeks old today. Can you believe it? Me neither. He's over 8 lbs meaning he can hang out in the Baby Bjorn on walks, around the house and so on. He is beginning to recognize the "milk factory" (meaning me). Brian gives him a bottle around his 9 p.m. feeding so I can get a few hours of sleep before feeding him at midnight and when Ben saw me sitting in the glider, his eyes got wide and he was all excited. When I went to get the boogers out of his nose, he recognized the dreaded blue booger picker and let out a cry I've never heard before. As I mentioned, he is getting a bottle of breast milk at night from Daddy which Brian looks forward to every night.

He is on somewhat of a schedule. He is awake in the morning and afternoons. He was eating every three hours but I think he's going through a growth spurt meaning he's eating every two -- let's hope today is the last day of this.

Since we brought him home, he's been sleeping in the vibrating chair at night but I drew the line yesterday and told my husband we need to buck up and swaddle him so he'll sleep in the crib and longer. It didn't help Ben had gas last night (remind me not to eat chickpeas again). We received a Halo SleepSack as gift and now he's big enough to use it we tried it out. The sucker worked like a charm and he was out in seconds and sleeping in his crib. He even slept an hour longer than usual.

I know what I'm getting friends for now on when I have to buy a shower gift.

I am feeling more comfortable with taking him out places in the stroller and that will change now he can go in a front carrier.

Breast feeding is going OK. It was going good until the last few days of being hungry every two hours. He sometimes is so hungry he gets to excited to eat which is frustrating but we get through it. Most of the time this happens in the morning when I wait until the last possible moment to get out of bed and feed him.

It's surreal having a child. I can't believe I am a mother. My brother even said I sounded like an informed parent yesterday.


Before we know it, he'll be 18.

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