Friday, June 13, 2008

You are my sunshine

I can not sing that song. If I sing it, I cry because it's what my mom used to sing to me as a kid. The story goes that when my mom was pregnant with me, she was pretty sure I was going to be a boy. She had three brothers and my dad had all brothers so she was convince that she was having her second boy.

When my mom went into labor, my dad got nervous (my dad told me this story) and they went for Mexican because my mom knew they wouldn't let her eat. The day I was born there was a huge snowstorm and in amazement she had a daughter, she watched the snowfall and sang that song to me.

Memorial Day weekend 2007 we spent it in Portland. We had the most amazing short vacation of eating, drinking, shopping, we told ourselves we'd do it again. It also was around the time we were trying to have a baby. As we walked through the Saturday Market, a street performer started singing "you are my sunshine." I thought for sure I was pregnant but ended up I wasn't. I always thought that was some sort of sign until it dawned on me last night.

I was so sleep deprived, my husband ordered me to pump some fresh milk for him to feed Ben and take a nap. As I laid there, trying to sleep, he started singing that song and it dawned on me -- Ben was born Memorial Day weekend. I heard that song last year in Portland Memorial Day weekend.

I still can't sing that song because I think of my mom but I know she's watching above looking over her little grandson.


Deby said...

How sweet. You never know what sticks with you when you are little, huh?

Every time I hear "Bridge over troubled waters", I cry because my Mom sang that to me.

:: becky said...

You are my sunshine makes me cry too. My grandmother used to sing it to me while holding me and dancing around her house. It is one of my oldest and fondest memories.

I sang it to my daughter when she was a baby. She's 8 now and when I try to sing it to her she just laughs at me. It still makes me cry though.

Occidental Girl said...

That was so sweet. I'm happy for you and your brand new little baby!