Tuesday, June 10, 2008

This is his "perplexed" face

Today, Ben and I went to mom's morning which is fun because I learn that it's ok to have your newborn sleeping in the vibrating chair and that it's ok to "hit a wall." (I totally did yesterday). He also now weighs 7 lbs!!!! Woo hoo!

Ben is more and more awake now. This photo is a face he makes often when he is awake on his newborn lounger. I think he looks perplexed or maybe he is thinking "interesting." This kid can lay on that thing for a hour and not make a sound but just look around.

God, I love him.


Kat said...

The vibrating chair is a gift from heaven. I never would have been able to shower without it!

Me said...

Funny, he looks SO MUCH like Brian in that photo!