Monday, June 9, 2008

Where is the baby?

Each night, my husband wakes up in a panic ... "WHERE IS THE BABY?" One night he told me I was sleeping on the baby (I wasn't. The baby sleeps in his crib). It has become an nightly occurrence in the wee hours of our sleep deprived nights for Brian to think that either he's sleeping on the baby, I'm sleeping on on the baby or the baby is missing in the bed. It was sorta funny at first but now, it's just getting annoying.

Ben is doing great. He is having more moments of being awake and is eating better. He weighed over 6.5 lbs when we took him to the pediatrician on Friday.

We are getting more sleep. Though I'm breastfeeding, my husband still gets up and helps by burping and putting the baby to sleep. He is way better than I at putting baby to sleep and burping. Last night, after having a fussy moment, I forgot to set my alarm to wake up and feed him and we woke up at 6:30 to little noises on the monitor. He let us get 4 hours of sleep. Woo hoo!

Well, off to feed to baby. The dog and I are going to attempt to take the baby for a walk.


Little Things said...

Oh honey! NEVER set the alarm! Let little Ben sleep as long as he will sleep - I promise he won't starve!

The rule really is to NEVER wake a sleeping baby. Trust me on this one.

Can't wait to meet the little dude. SOON, I hope!

Alissa Maxwell said...

I TOTALLY had those same freak outs that Brian is having. Nearly every night, I would wake up and root around the bed trying to find Owen...who (like Ben) sleeps in his crib in the other room! Strange.