Friday, July 11, 2008

Benjamin & Mr. Monkey

Benjamin & Mr. Monkey
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We have a routine for getting Ben to sleep each night. It includes bathtime (not always with soap -- maybe twice a week so we don't dry his skin out), a massage, nursing while listening to Wilco's Sky Blue Sky and then swaddling. Tonight he was wide awake so Brian unswaddled him and set Mr. Monkey in the crib. Ben reached out and gazed for a while and then fell asleep. We always joke that Mr. Monkey is his best friend but it's becoming a reality we think.

So, we're looking to name Mr. Monkey. Post in the comments and I'll post his new name in a week.

(p.s. We took that photo too to show Ben when he's older he was wearing a dress :) )

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Wendy said...

The monkey should be named "Dude." I remember you saying that you were calling Benjamin Little Dude before he was born, so the monkey can be his Dude buddy.