Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Car seats

Benjamin is officially afraid of the car seat. Every time I put him in it, his cries gets so bad they resemble someone skinning a cat. It's really sad to hear esp. when you are driving and you can't pull over. When he does this when I am in the car with Brian, I sit with him in the back seat and let him hold my pinkie finger until he stops. He usually gets all red faced and falls asleep. I hope this passes soon because now I'm afraid to take him anywhere.

We are on night two of sleep rituals and it took me 49 mins to get him down to sleep and three tries. He favors his right hand to suck on so I've been letting his little hand peek up out of the swaddle to help him self sooth.

He is still eating every two hours. I'm getting a little frustrated because I feel like I nurse something like 8 hours a day - A full time job. Everyone says he'll start spacing them out but when? When he's 12?

Off to catch some shut eye!

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Jen F said...

Have you tried letting him chill in the car seat while you are at home?