Wednesday, July 16, 2008

He's a MANIAC! MANIAC! For sure!

Sporting the Baby Legs!
Originally uploaded by Shanlee
Fashion show time!!! For those cold Bend evenings, I picked up some Baby Legs. Sadly, these were the only boy looking ones they had in stock but I think I'm going to do some online shopping and get him some with skulls on them because Daddy doesn't like his kid wearing "leg warmers."


Tiffany said...

does he not like pants?

Don't get me wrong they are super cute but know he won't let you dress him up forever. Hehehehe

Fawn said...

This kiddo looks sharp! Baby Legs rock. Bella has some girly ones with skulls.

Alissa Maxwell said...

I think it's a mom/dad thing. I loved having baby legs in the diaper bag last winter for an extra layer when we went walking or something. But Scott hates them. Owen's look like girffe spots, but Scott thinks flames would be better.