Friday, July 4, 2008

Officially cleared

I went to my OB yesterday for my post check up. I was supposed to get the MMR shot since mine is out of date but she forgot about it. Oh well, guess I better do that soon. I have lost all but 12 pounds from being pregnant which leads both of us to believe that I was carrying alot of water because I gained 52 lbs. My blood pressure is still elevated so I need to start some sort of exercising and now I'm wondering when I can do that since having an infant is a 24/7 job. I guess I'll figure it out. Brian and I start the South Beach Diet (phase 2 -- phase 1 is too harsh on my body since I'm breast feeding) when my in-laws leave. I'm looking forward to eating more healthy.

I'm cleared to be a normal human being again. I love it how they ask "what form of birth control will you be using." Frankly, sex is the furthest thing from my mind. As me when Ben is sleeping longer at night. So many options are out since I'm breastfeeding.

I also got to cook today. I made chicken salad and French toast strada for breakfast tomorrow. My father-in-law is helping my husband install our fence so I need to make them something for breakfast. I'm finding that I can get a lot done during nap time if I have gotten more than 5 hours of sleep the night before. It's amazing that I can function on 5 hours of sleep. Amazing.

Well, happy 4th! Ben is 6 weeks old today! He is so big -- I can't believe how fast it has gone!

ps... We found a new daycare provider ... she's is awesome and Ben is one of 4 kids! He even has his own room to sleep in when he's there. I'm so thankful the other lady fell through!

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