Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Benjamin has been more alert today than he usually has been. He's been playing under the Gymni, staring at himself in the mirror and looking at board books I prop up. Today we also started cloth diapers which are more work than disposables but better for our landfills. He's also smiling at his toys (not us as much) and cooing. We walk around out house cooing to see if he coos back.

He also met his Grandpa and Grandma Moss (my husband's dad and his wife). They spent the last 4 days holding and playing and giving me a break though mostly he only wants to be held when he's sleepy. I miss them already and wish we lived near them as they are good people. Pictures to come (they have them on their camera).

With company in town, we were on the move. I finally breastfed in public. First try was really good. Second try, not so much. The restaurant was too noisy and my husband was making me nervous so I went to the bathroom for privacy. Everyone got to experience Benjamin's fear of the car seat and Trader Joe's. In fact, he screamed for 20 mins on our ride back from Sisters. He also got off schedule but it wasn't so bad as he slept in the car seat and Baby Bjorn when he had a chance.

He is also sleeping longer stretches through the night. Twice this week, he slept a 5 hour stretch which is awesome. He is consistently getting up around 7 a.m.

Gotta run, he's getting bored and needs a new thing to look at.

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