Friday, December 28, 2007

Butterflies in my stomach

Today marks week 16 and today I'm feeling more "butterflies in my stomach" aka the quickening moves of my unborn child. Let's just say Lil Berger likes small lattes (yes, leaded). It's the strangest feeling but it does really feel like butterflies.

Bendites, you were not kidding when you said our Target's baby selection totally sucks. It does. I guess it's Babies R Us for registering (along with Target).

Last night I dreamt that Brian and I had an ultrasound and it was a girl. The other weird thing about the dream was a bug showed up on the leg of my unborn Lil Berger. When I completely freaked out, the ultrasound tech said "that's completely normal."

We're going to start on "the list" of things to do before the baby is born this weekend. First task, clear the clutter of my husband's office (which he doesn't use, by the way). I wish we could get rid of the desk for a smaller one but he's not having it. Things on the list include painting rooms and better arranging our storage spaces (aka closets). Fun times. Woo flippin' hoo.


Brenda said...

Don't let anyone give you a hard time for drinking a little leaded cup o' joe now and again. You can have up to 300 mg/day of caffeine...I used to have to have a soda along with some acetaminophen just to squash headaches. It was a sweet indulgence. :)

Brenda said...

Oh, and the Target selection back home is pretty decent, so don't forget to register there. ;)