Monday, December 3, 2007

Taming the temper

The hormones are making me have a temper. Along with that, I'm a little more impatient than usual and the stupiest things set me off. And drama that doesn't even involve me, I worry about. Thanks a lot, hormones.

I'm constantly hungry too. This is getting really annoying because I bring food to work and it's not enough. Right now I'm craving fried chicken and jalapeƱo poppers. Neither of which are in my possession and would require me to get in the car and head to Fred Meyer. I'm in comfy clothes wearing my beaver fur slippers with the heat jacked up (until I get the $200 bill).

Don't get me started on the horrible gas. (yea, TMI) Good thing the doctor wrote a note saying that I'll be frequently visiting the bathroom.

I'm totally complaining, aren't I?

I'm so happy that I'm pregnant and seeing that little baby will make it all worth it. I just have to keep telling myself that when my bladder's about to explode from all the water I'm supposed to be drinking.

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Deby said...

Isn't it amazing that the miracle of pregnancy comes with a horrible price tag for the mom? (totally worth it though)
- gas
- peeing every ten minutes
- crying at EVERYTHING
- stretch marks
- weight gain (still trying to get the rest of mine off)
- smelling food in the middle of the night
- insomnia in the second and third trimesters
- pregnancy mask
- pimples for some

It will all be worth it though. And if you ever need encouragement, every other mother around will give you all the sympathy you need.