Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Prepping for baby

I keep forgetting I'm pregnant. My friends tell me this is all normal and in fact, while one friend was pregnant last year she often said this and I thought she was completely nuts but now I understand the whole concept of forgetting. I usually remember right about when I'm getting dressed and nothing fits. My belly isn't as big as my co-workers who's belly is 5 days behind me (this is her 3rd child) and of all the books I read this is normal.

I've been feeling flutters. Sometimes it feels like bubbles in my belly or something swimming around. One day it felt like something ran it's finger against my insides. I just can't wait till the little sucker jabs be in the ribs! Bring it on!

This week I've started researching furniture and what we really need. So far the list includes: crib, glider, changing table/dresser and some sort of closet storage. We were planning a trip to IKEA in Portland but we may just get the closet storage as I've found Wal-Mart and Target are a goldmine for the other items. I've also set up an rss feed for "baby" on Bend's Craigslist. I don't mind hand me downs. I would like all white since the woodwork is white but we'll see.

I scored the Cadillac of breast pumps from my friend and I'm so excited!!!! That's $300 I won't have to spend. Lil Berger got his/her first gift -- a rattle from my friend Katie.

I still can't believe Friday will be 16 weeks.

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