Monday, December 10, 2007

I registered

Since the majority of people who will buy for me live out of town, I went with for my registry for a couple of reasons ... 1. you can buy online. The only person who will have a problem is my grandma and I have a feeling she's making a baby blanket. 2. They make a thank you gift list for you. 3. They had lists to help me with what I actually need.

You can check it out here online at

I was worried I was registering for things that were too expensive (like that breast pump that everyone tells me I need to have which is $230) but this is my baby we're talking about. I didn't register for a crib or changing table/dresser. I think those are items we'll buy at IKEA.

If you have suggestions on items I should register for, pop me a comment. I need the help.


Little Things said...

Ok, you registered for the right electric pump and have the right nursing pads there (I swear the Lansinoh pads are 20 times better than any other pads out there!). You need to add the Phillips Avent Isis Manual breast pump (long name, shiminy! but Amazon has it - just search for Avent pump). BEST manual pump ever, and works wonderfully. Great for airplane use and other places where you don't want to whip out the PIS pump. Also really good if you're over-ful and baby can't latch on - you can use the manual pump to reduce some of the fullness and then it'll be easier for baby!

Little Things said...

Oh - and don't buy a crib at IKEA unless they now have one where the sides drop down. That's a good way to kill your back when baby gets bigger!!

Wendy said...

Yes on the Avent Isis pump. They are great!

Baby socks, and they can double as mittens those first few weeks when baby scratches at his/her face.

Receiving blankets for swaddling.

Deby said...

I loved my Bundle Me fleece zip things. They are awesome! I know that your baby will be born in June, but it can still be chilly at night. Logan is in a full size carseat now, but I have his Bundle Me on the stroller now so he is all snug when we go out somewhere. I had a pink one with Alexis and a Khaki one with Logan. Highly recommend them!

I also like the Carter's outlet here in Bend. They have clothes up to grade school age and they are good quality. Plus they have 70% off sales regularly. If you find yourself needing other "stuff" the Kids Paradise on Greenwood has nice quality gently used things and clothes for cheap.

Shannon said...

Someone told me not to register for receiving blankets because you can buy swaddling blankies which are better.

Wendy said...

hmmmm...I've never heard of swaddling blankets. Of course, it's been 7.5 years since I needed anything like that. You might want to consider a couple of receiving blankets, because they work for all sorts of things. I used them as burp rags, towels, and makeshift changing pads if we weren't at home.

Oh, and around here, you'll definitely want a baby backpack for when he/she is too big for the baby bjorn. Look for something with a pocket that will hold a couple of diapers, wipes, etc and then you don't need a big bag when you hike.

L. Ottaviano said...

I reviewed your registry and you have some pretty good choices there. I'm a pretty streamlined person and didn't want to get bogged down with all the "stuff" most people think you need to buy when you have your first baby, so here's my feedback: The healthcare/grooming set already has a brush and comb in it. These were probably the least used things I got, besides the nasal aspirator, so you likely won't need two. Make sure you have a stock of infant Tylenol. We got an "infant first aid" kit in a nice locking blue plastic briefcase which was quite handy to hold everything we needed that first year.
I, personally, dislike the prevalence of the handled-infant car seats. People use them as an excuse to not hold and carry their babies into stores and restaurants, because they are already in a handy carry-case. What most don't realize is that those get heavy quickly, they are awkward to carry, the baby gets jostled around and does not experience human contact as much as being carried. Also, you need to buy a new carseat as soon as the infant outgrows it, or when it becomes too heavy to carry. We opted instead for the Britax Roundabout seat. The backward-facing reclining position is ideal for newborns, especially with an added head cushion. The nurses thought we were wacky for not having a detachable seat to bring into the hospital, but they quickly figured it out. Also, that seat lasted over 2 years (the same seat). It's worth the extra price to have a baby that experiences more human touch, and not to have to buy two carseats.
Also, I got by with only the Avent Isis pump and no electric pump, although I wasn't working 40-hours a week during breastfeeding. I have heard great things about the Medela, though. Burts Bees diaper ointment is awesome and smells terrific. Get some Lansinoh lanolin ointment for chapped nipples. You may only need it for the first week or two, but it's a lifesaver. For lots of other stuff that you don't receive and don't want to buy, get on The Bend chapter frequently has high-quality once-used baby supplies up for grabs. Also, I highly recommend the Bumkins All-In-Ones diapers for cloth diapering, and Fuzzi-Bunz diapers for overnight. Our daughter started sleeping through the night at 3 weeks old and we attribute it to the great overnight diapers. Do a dry diaper pail (no water in it) with a big nylon bag liner and dump it in the washer every other day. No muss, no fuss, no chemicals on the baby tushie and no landfill clogging disposables. I still have all my cloth diapers (newborn to 2 years) and am done with them if you want a good deal on some.

Jen said...

Bag balm is good stuff. But that was before Burt's Bees was really popular and widely available.

I agree with LT, that's the right electric pump. I never used a manual pump.

Double, triple yes on the receiving blankets. You can swaddle when they are little, but then they become pads, towels, lovey's, head rests...

Little soft wash cloths. Lots of them.

Onesies in all sizes and shapes and colors. I really liked the gerber ones because they just fit so darn well and came off and on perfectly. The "My Dad's a Geek" onesie works too, though. :) You didn't register for the one that says "My Mom's a Fox" though!

I had two nasal aspirators - one for the bag and one for home. Used them all the time but I had soupy valley babies.

Check out "Dad Gear" for good diaper bags that don't look like diaper bags. :)

Alissa Maxwell said...

I'll give you my comments in person, but just FYI:
My PIS pump came with a manual attachment.