Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Gaining weight

I've been buried in my Baby Bargains book the past few nights. Last night was a chapter on baby clothes and suggests I tell people NOT to give my baby newborn clothes because they are a waste of money. OK, how does one ask their family and friends not to send clothes? Yea, I can't do that.

The book is worrying me with making sure I have the firmest mattress on God's green earth so my baby doesn't suffocate. I would have never thought of that. Now I know why people say "DON'T READ THE BOOKS." I tossed and turned all night thinking about it. What if my baby is too hot because it will be summer (we don't have A/C)? OMG, We need a ceiling fan in the baby room! See what I mean?

Anyway, back to the subject at hand .. it's officially trimester two and today was my OB appointment where I learn that I'm not gaining enough weight. I haven't been hungry at all. I have no desire to eat food. I'm not craving anything. I try to eat my cereal and it tastes gross. I try to choke down green veggies -- yuck. Doc says to keep taking the vitamins because my diet is poor. On the plus side, I can start taking pre-natal exercise classes and I will start in January with water classes! Yay! And, I heard the heartbeat -- 155 beats per min. More proof there is a baby in my belly.

My husband didn't come to the appoint. Some were shocked by this. Does my husband need to go every time? He's pretty bored at them and he's a busy man. I figure he'll go to the appoints with pomp and circumstance -- like the ultrasound I'm scheduling for three weeks from tomorrow. WOO HOO. But really, does he need to go?

Off to the store to find things to eat to fatten me up. Wish me luck!


Wendy said...

People can still send clothes - just ask that they go with larger sizes. My kids were out of the newborn stuff within just 3 or 4 weeks. It nice to have things in the 3 to 6 months sizes, 6 to 9 months sizes, 12 months, etc.

I don't think it's weird to go to an appointment alone.

S said...

Quit worrying!

Don't listen to your doctor about weight. Your body is gaining what YOUR BABY NEEDS and when it needs it.

Jon didn't come to every appointment, so don't listen to everyone.

Mattresses, get a crib mattress....we went to Babies R US. It was just fine. Fans or just a onesie will be fine. Eat what you want to eat, don't choke down green veggies if your body doesn't want it.

S said...

Hmm, why am I "s"?


Jen said...

I agree with Wendy - it's fine as long as you are OK with it. It's about your relationship, not what everyone else thinks. :) I thought they were boring and if there's any way I could have skipped out I would have as well!

Alissa Maxwell said...

1. Most people are smart enough not to send the "newborn" size clothes. 3, 6, 9, 12 month are all awesome. We got a Size 4 outfit yesterday - um, my kid is 5 months old...??

2. Just buy a floor fan. We don't have A/C and Owen was fine. The floor fan provides some nice white noise as well to help them sleep.

3. Scott only came to ONE Dr appt when we first heard the heartbeat. He made 2 ultrasounds, but none of the zillion I had at the end of my pregnancy. I agree with Jen, I was bored - what would he do??