Thursday, December 27, 2007

The search for the list with simple things

I've made it my mission this week to make a list of what to register for at Target/Babies R Us. After searching and searching online, I found this list on My goal was to find a list that was simple and didn't have all the frivolous items that would be a waste of money because that's the last thing I need is for people to get me items that I don't need. I'm been searching craigslist like a mad women for dressers, changing tables, gliders too. I also have my IKEA list. I'm not going to buy an IKEA crib either probably just a few closet organizers. I'm a sucker for hand me downs too as friends keep saying "check out my spare bedroom -- I'll gladly hand over my breast pump, swing, etc. I'm a lucky girl. Having a baby doesn't have to break the bank.

My friend Heather is due a week before me and she found out she's having a boy. Though she lives in Nebraska, I'm happy we're pregnant together (though this is her 3rd child) and it's nice to check in and see how she is doing.

Tomorrow is 16 weeks. I can hardly believe it! I have to go in and get some blood drawn for some screening tests at my OB's office. Fun times! I hate getting blood drawn. Ick!

I'm noticing that around 5 p.m., I'm getting tired each night. I have to resist taking naps because if I do, I wake up 10 times (no joke) a night). Last night I only woke up once. To keep myself awake, I put Christmas stuff away. Maybe tonight I'll organize my husband's office (I destroyed it in a hormonal rampage in which I will discuss another time).

Been looking into digital scrapbooking sites too. I made a scrapbook of our wedding FINALLY using's online book making helper. I can't wait to see the finished product when it arrives next week. They have a variety of baby books. I just can't wait to get started on it!

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