Tuesday, December 4, 2007

You touchy, I bitey...

I was invited by a colleague to a focus group for pregnant women tonight. As tired as I was from working all day, I couldn't let my colleague down and attended. The focus was on funny t-shirts for expectant mothers and if you'd buy them and if you did, what style would you buy. The shirts are pretty freaking hilarious but if you know me, I've been trying to find some sassy knocked-up shirt for months and I think I found the perfect place for that snarkiness... jestations.

Jestations is owned by two Bend women -- Lisa and Kathy. Their bio on their website reads:

After trimesters of rude comments, unsolicited advice and belly-rubs that would annoy even Buddha, we had it up to here with hearing how we’re out to there. Fueled by a dangerous cocktail of hormones and prenatal vitamins, we embarked on a journey to fulfill every pregnant woman’s dream (outside of a nine-month epidural or an endless supply of ice cream, that is): T-shirts that pre-empt—or at least answer—irritating pregnancy comments and advances. We employed our expertise in graphic design and copywriting, natural propensity for snarkiness and affection for great quality clothing and, lo, a business was born. We’re pleased that our bouncing baby business is thriving. Almost as pleased as knowing we’ve helped fend off at least a few pregnancy annoyances.

this is my favorite shirt of all.

The cool thing about the focus group was that I got to hear advice from women about their other experiences and I made notes of biodegradable diapers, books about making baby food and got reassurance that it's ok to eat meat that's cooked medium (because you all know a former Nebraskan isn't going to eat a WELL DONE STEAK). We all bonded too. I can't wait for all the classes I have to take so I can talk to other women. Of course, I can bend the ear of my friends who are mothers but it's fun to talk to first time pregnant mothers as well.

But alas, I'm tired and it's 9:22 p.m. -- way past my bedtime. Time to hit the pillow for some much needed shut eye


Little Things said...

oh honey! don't read TOO much stuff! you'll be amazed at all of the "can't-s" out there! i ate rare steaks through both of my pregnancies and my kids are almost-normal. kind of, at least.

Deby said...

I am a total rare steak eater myself and I've had three perfectly healthy children.

Awesome t-shirts!