Monday, December 31, 2007

Thank GOD for bffs

I decided this morning to get my registry ready at Target. I have already registered at Babies r Us for half of what I need so I had my Target list in hand. I called my BFF Shawn and asked if she wanted to help me since I had no clue about brands and she's been testing some for months. So with guns in hand we hit the tiny baby aisle at Target to scan away baby stuff. After 90 mins, we were complete and without her advice, I'd be completely lost. Even a gal registering by herself was listening to her advice.

Somehow, I registered for a whooping 62 items at Target. Some will get deleted when I find out the sex but my Babies R Us registry is only 29 items. Our rule was "I'll register if I really need it" and I can't believe I actually need 100 items. I didn't register for diapers, cremes, lotions and stuff like that and Brian really wants a Baby Bjorn (he thought there was going to be one wrapped up under the tree).

So I was feeling bad about all the items but my friend said "you need all of these. Don't feel bad!" So I won't allow myself to be guilty!

Moms need gifts you know! With my birthday a little over a month away, I think I found what I want:

What is it? It's a Sharper Image Microderm kit

Since I've been pregnant, my skin has been breaking out like crazy. It's the first time in my life I've had to deal with acne.

And if you go through, you get 5% back!

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