Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thank god for friends

In the past year, I've had a lot of friends have babies that live in Bend. I've seen their many styles and have said on occasion, "I want to be like that mom" or "I don't want to be like that mom." I can say that all I want but I know I will be the mom I'm supposed to be.

My friend Alissa gave me some good advice today -- stop freaking out. She's right! I shouldn't be worried about baby gear right now! Although I got some fabulous advice about my registry, I don't like stuff and clutter so I'm going to keep it simple -- get what I need along the way and start checking out craigslist.

And if I want a $150 Jeep Stoller, damn it, I'm going to register for it. Because mark my worss, Charlie (my dog), the baby and I will be walking up Pilot Butte during maternity leave and we need that stroller.

Bring on the second trimester!

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Deby said...

One thing I have learned about being a mother is this: you need to be the kind of mother your child needs you to be.

I wanted to be a sweet, loving, crafty mom with my oldest. Instead, I had to be a strict, organized mom to help her succeed. If I was too nice, she acted like a little tyrant. If I was strict, she was good as gold. You never know.

My baby boy is the total opposite personality. He will need me to be more touchy, huggy and sweet. Alexis takes after her sister so we will see how that goes.

Take parenthood one day at a time. The best advice I ever got was from my mother and grandmother - if it isn't cute at 3 it won't be cute at 13. That really helped me clamp down on tantrums, lying (it starts around 2) and pouting in public. I think it was good advice because Katya turned out to be a most fabulous young lady.